What Does it Mean to be Psychologically Healthy?

Something We Should All Aspire Towards

Dr Tobias Fox

Human Psychology, Philosophy and Human Potential.

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August 30, 2020

By undertaking a LYFE Quest, you undertake the journey of striving to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with the intention of fostering good psychological health within yourself.

But what does it mean to be psychologically healthy?

The first thing to point out is that psychological health is not merely the absence of mental health struggles, whether that be a mental or an emotional disorder. Many people consult with me who don’t meet the clinical criteria for depression, but they aren’t happy with their work, relationships or life as a whole either.

At LYFE, psychological health is in our values, beliefs, emotions, actions and behaviour and consists of whatever builds, creates, grows and sustains. Adopting this view of psychological health, at the level of individuals, institutions and public policies, will create nothing less than a transformation in the way in which we live. At LYFE, we like to use ‘1st-principle thinking’, and this view of psychological health brings us to our first one, which is - build and create for the benefit of all, rather than consume and take for the benefit of a few. 

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This principle steers you towards wanting to develop and engage your human capacities in the service of something larger than just seeking out and extracting benefits for yourself. It steers your behaviour and actions towards coming together and working towards a common good.

The 8 Core LYFE Elements (CLEs) are important sources of health because they grow your inner life, which is the wellspring of healthy actions in your outer life of relationships, work, and conduct as a citizen. By undertaking your own LYFE Quest and incorporating the 8 CLEs into your lifestyle, you will be joining a movement of individuals who are taking control of their life and building their psychological health for the benefit of themselves AND everyone around them.

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In the outer world, psychological health, resulting from undertaking your own LYFE Quest, is visible in being highly proactive and innovative, creating positive connections with a diverse range of people, showing flexibility in situations of conflict, and approaching life with a delicate balance of curiosity and cautiousness.  

What are some areas where you can expect to see your psychological health come to life?

1. Your Work

At work, psychologically healthy behaviour includes collaboration, non-defensiveness, being at ease with one another, a creative mindset, and ease of engagement, as a team member, with the overall objectives or mission.

It includes big picture thinking, recognising that you one part of a greater whole and this drives you to find novel ways of making an effective contribution. By being collaborative, in this way, you see that situations can be win-win rather than just win-lose and so less of your energy is directed towards self-promotion, at the expense of others.

2. Your Relationships

The building of healthy relationships is often compromised by trying to get some ‘real-estate’ from the other person, in an attempt to get your own needs and desires met. This self-orientated maneuvering, dominating or subtly manipulating behaviour is also often at the expense of the relationship itself.

In this instance, psychological health brings transparency to the relationship with two-way openness and a shared vision of a way of life that both people are committed to creating. Mutual respect, authenticity and sharing creates a relationship of interdependence and promotion rather than dependance and stagnation.

3. Your Role as a Good Citizen

Psychological health is exhibited here by stewardship, and having a desire to act in ways that help preserve and sustain resources so that you can keep your planet healthy for yourself, others and for generations to come.

This is what we, at LYFE, believe a 21st century definition of psychological health looks like - there is an inner component, optimised by integrating the 8 CLEs into your LYFE Quest, and an outer component, visible through your positive behaviours and actions in every day life. Join this social movement by starting your own personal LYFE Quest, today! And join 1000s of other people in the North West, doing the same, as part of being in The LYFE Club.


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